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 What's it all about ?

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QMotions-Golf™ Full Motion Game Controller is a new and exciting way to play indoor golf. Use it as a simulator, use it to improve your swing, practice your game on the world's premier golf courses, play exciting new computer golf game titles - including: EA SPORTS™ Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 2004, and others. Why play golf games using a mouse when you can have the actual feel of swinging your own clubs?


 QMotions-Golf™ Full Motion Game Controller replaces the game-pad controller with a swing-arm assembly and electronics that translates your golf swing and ball impact into the ball's flight, speed, and direction - directly into the golf game on screen so you see how you hit the ball - giving you the feeling of actual play.

Feel the game - Stop swinging with your mouse, start swinging with QMotions-Golf™ and feel the game!


The QMotions-Golf™ Full Motion Game Controller uses patented electronic technology to recognize swing speed and measure club head directional impact to translate actual golf swings into popular golf game titles like EA SPORTS™ Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 2004, and others. This allows players to practice playing golf with their own clubs, gaining valuable practice time and seeing the results on-screen. The sophisticated swing-arm assembly and accompanying electronics use sophisticated algorithms that take precise measurements so that actual golf swings are translated into highly accurate game results. Use it for fun, use it for practice, use it to play golf even when it's snowing outside - the QMotions-Golf™ Full Motion Game Controller is very versatile and a lot of fun!






Looking for a fun, easy, non-threatening way to introduce someone to the game of golf? Are you planning to get little Jimmy hitting golf balls as soon as he turns four years old? Or are you looking for a game for your teenager that will actually get them off the couch? Or would you like to host Friday night tournaments with your family and friends? Everyone can have fun with the QMotions-Golf™Full Motion Game Controller.
Here are a few common uses of the QMotions-Golf™ Full Motion Game Controller:
  • Golf on the go for traveling executives who want to practice anytime
  • Year-round golf for golfers kept off the links during long winter months
  • Golf trainer for beginning and junior golfers
  • Great attention getter at tradeshows
  • Economical alternative to R20 a bucket driving ranges
  • Convert the PC-gaming experience into a realistic golfing experience
  • Great gift for that golf fanatic in the house
  • Great way to entertain golf buddies and business associates
  • Fun party/gathering activity







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